About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are a friendly family of Christians who try to do our best (not always perfect) to follow Jesus by:

  • Living our lifes in accordance to the teachings of the Word of God
  • Serving each other and our community in times of need and distress
  • Teaching the Good news of Jesus to all who are willing to hear

History of the Congregation

The Idea

Like most good things in a church, this congregation had its beginning as a simple idea motivated by a great deal of prayer. The particular idea of the Queen City Church of Christ began in 2009. The Washington Avenue Church of Christ in Evansville, Indiana developed a long range plan for their congregation which included, among other works, the hope to plant a new congregation.

The Development

The details of the plan would slowly unfold after much prayer and much research. In February 2013, David D. Rogers began work as the Missions and Evangelism Minister with the Washington Avenue Church of Christ. His primary focus was on further developing the plans for the church plant with the Washington Avenue congregation.
Neighborhoods from Boulder, Colorado to Raleigh, North Carolina and from Chicago to New Orleans were explored. Church planters, preachers, elders, and all manner of church workers were interviewed- the vast majority were gracious in sharing their insight. Data was collected, demographics were studied, and strategies were written, edited, and rewritten. In the end, the suburbs in the eastern side of Cincinnati, OH proved to be the best match with great potential.
A store front property was leased in the Mt. Carmel area in July 2014. It had been a screen printing business, but was really a space in need of attention and work. In August of that year, a group of people from Washington Avenue Church of Christ came to Cincinnati for a week to start a reconstruction project. They were joined by members of the Holly Hill Church of Christ in Frankfort, KY. A tremendous amount of work shaped the property into a building suitable for people interested in God to meet. The initial stages of transformation of the building were very encouraging and so, morale was high. To top it off, the group also gathered for the first study of Scripture.

The Beginning

During the span of time from late 2013 and throughout mid-2015, the search for an evangelistic-minded individual to serve full-time at the Queen City church was underway. The search ended in July of 2015 as TJ Gifford and his family joined our team. They moved from Lebanon, Virginia, to Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 14th. Certainly, this was an exciting time as the plans for this congregation began to materialize more fully.

Very quickly, efforts to open the doors of the congregation began to unfold. Finishing touches were needed to make sure the congregation could function as strongly as possible in teaching the Bible, allowing for meaningful, Godly worship, and tending to the needs of the community. The date of September 20, 2015, would mark the highly anticipated beginning of regular worship.